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The Our Health Our Care Programme

A number of our local medical professionals have described why and how we need to transform local services to better meet the challenges which we face across central Lancashire.

Undertaken via the 'Our Health Our Care' programme within our partnership, this work has incorporated feedback from members of the public, staff and other key stakeholders across central Lancashire.

The 'Case for Change'

Our 'Case for Change' is a document that looks at the current challenges being faced by our local hospitals. It identifies problems being faced and gives a summary of why change is required across central Lancashire. It explores how our hospitals, in particular the urgent and emergency care services, are performing.

New Model of Care

A model of care describes the way health and care services should be delivered in the future. ​The Our Health Our Care (OHOC) model of care describes how different health and social care services should work together across central Lancashire to have “one vision” for future services with everyone working together to make this happen. 

To achieve this vision, the new Model of Care describes how those types of services provided by hospitals like A&E, and planned care services such as surgery, should look in the future. It also describes how the services provided away from the hospital, wihtin the community, need to transform to improve health and wellbeing of local peopel as well as reduce the demand upon our strained acute hospital services.


Plan on a Page

This Plan on a Page tells you what has happened so far, and what will be happening next.

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