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Our Work

We know that we can work within our existing organisations to strengthen our partnership working, further develop our services and improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Wherever possible, we will reduce duplication and waste. We will set up, or continue, programmes of work that will deliver our shared goals and make best use of our collective resources.

As a partnership, we are already working together on a number of work programmes in order to achieve our aims for central Lancashire. These range from developing new ways of fudning and pruchaisng services to imporving the support available to people within the local community; and evolving our hospital services to make these fit for the future.

Practically, it will mean health and care organisations working together on a formal basis to agree priorities and make joint decisions. It will also mean organising ourselves differently to ensure that we have multi-disciplinary clinical and non-clinical teams working to common goals. This is about us working more collaboratively; whilst the organisations involved will retain their statutory responsibilities.

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